Financial Services Guide

Issue Date
27 May 2020

1. Purpose and Contents of this Financial Services Guide (“FSG”)

The financial services referred to in this Financial Services Guide (FSG) are offered by Super Forex Financial Pty Ltd(AFSL 443886; ABN 42 125 839 572). Any use of ‘we’, ‘us’, , ‘SuperTrader Markets’ or ‘SuperTrader’ in this FSG refers to Super Forex Financial Pty Ltd. SuperTrader acts for itself in the performance of the financial services set out in this guide and has authorized the distribution of this FSG to retail clients.

This FSG is designed to provide you with important information to help you to decide whether or not to use any of the services we offer. It includes the following information:

  • Who we are and how you can contact us;
  • What financial services we are authorized to provide;
  • How we are remunerated for these services;
  • Any (potential) conflicts of interest we may have; and
  • Our despite resolution process

If you would like some further information that has not been disclosed in this FSG, please feel free to contact us.

2. Who we are

Super Forex Financial Pty Ltd (AFSL 443886) is authorized to provide general financial product advice and deal in OTC derivative products (margin foreign exchange or contracts for difference (CFDs)) by trading through the third party product issuer’s trading platform. We only act as an introducing broker for third-party licensed issuers We do not act as the principal product issuer. The third-party licensed issuer will enter into trades with you as principal counterparty.

Contact Details of Super Forex Financial Pty Ltd (T/A SuperTrader Markets)
Address: Suite 2304, Level 23 International Tower One, 100 Barangaroo Avenue,
Barangaroo NSW 2000 Australia
Telephone: +61 2 8197 0065
Principal contact: William YAU


3. What financial services does Supertrader provide?

Under its AFSL conditions, SuperTrader is authorized to provide:

  • General advice about FX & Derivatives; and
  • Deal services in FX and Derivatives.

We are authorized to provide these financial services to both retail and wholesale clients.  In the performance of our services with respect to over-the-counter derivatives, we do not provide market-making services; nor do we transact with clients as principal or counterparty.  We have referral arrangements with third party product issuers such as CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd and Trademax Australia Pty Ltd for you to execute your trades, should you choose to do so.

We will only provide you with general advice, which does not take into account any of your objectives, financial situation or needs. General advice may include information on or about any SuperTrader products or services and the markets in which these products operate. Any information you request about SuperTrader products and the markets in which they operate or information you discuss with a SuperTrader employee should only be regarded as general advice. Any discussions with SuperTrader employees about any aspect of SuperTrader products and services, or their view of markets, both current and future, should not be deemed or regarded as personal advice but rather as general advice.

What is general advice?
General advice does not take into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs. You should consider the appropriateness of any general advice in light of your own objectives, financial situations or needs before making a decision on how to proceed. Any information you have discussed with us should only be regarded as general advice. Any view of markets, both current and future, should not be deemed or regarded as personal advice but as general advice.

What is personal advice?
Personal advice is the advice given to you that takes into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. SuperTrader and its employees will not give you personal advice on any financial product we offer. If you require personal advice, please contact your financial adviser as we are not authorized to do so.

What is SuperTrader’s position when you are trading?
As we only act as an introducing broker for third-party product issuers, we do not act as the principal product issuer. The third-party licensed issuer will enter into trades with you as principal counterparty.   You should, therefore, ensure that you have fully read and understood the relevant disclosure documents, such as the Product Disclosure Statement of the relevant issuer, and seek professional advice before deciding whether investing in such products is suitable for you.

Who is responsible for the advice given to me?
When you are dealing with one of our employees, SuperTrader assumes responsibility for any general advice that has been given to you.


Provision ofServices

In order to utilize any of SuperTrader’s services, you may provide instructions via:

  • Telephone;
  • Internet; or
  • Any other such method (eg. Fax) that has been mutually agreed upon.


Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Any client wishing to use our services to trade in derivatives products must read, understand, and acknowledge the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”). As we are not a product issuer, the PDS is provided by the thirdparty licensed provider. This should be read together with this Financial Service Guide. The PDS includes information about the product, its terms and conditions, costs, benefits, risks, and any applicable fees.

Trading with Third-Party product issuer

SuperTrader is not the product issuer of the over-the-counter (OTC) derivative products, margin FX and Contracts for Difference (CFDs). We act only as an introducing broker for thirdparty licensed issuers.

As such, all clients will open trading accounts directly with the third-party issuer and transact through their online trading platform, potentially allowing you to make a profit or loss from fluctuations in the price of the underlying asset.

Consult your financial adviser
Given the risks associated with trading derivatives, it is advised that you consult your financial adviser before you begin trading on the derivative products with the third-party product issuer. You should give consideration to your objectives, financial situation, needs and the risks of loss associated with trading in order to assist you in deciding whether CFDs are suitable for you. We recommend customers seek advice from an independent financial adviser before deciding to open an account.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In compliance with s912B of the Corporations Act and ASIC RG126, we maintain professional indemnity insurance in connection with the financial products and services we provide, including any claims in relation to the conduct of our current and former employees.


4. Remuneration, commission & benefits to be received by SuperTrader

SuperTraderdoes do not charge fees for providing information and general advice to clients. We receive certain remuneration for introducing you to a third-party product issuer. The remuneration depends on the product issuer you ultimately sign up with and is usually based on the volume of trades generated, and/or the spread charged a percentage of holding charges, and the type of financial products transacted. If you require more information, you may request from us particulars of our remuneration (including commission) or other benefits so long as the request is made within a reasonable time after you receive the FSG. Please note that this does not impact the fees or charges you pay for the third-party product issuer’s services. Please refer to the product issuer’s PDS for information regarding their fees and charges.

Our employees and directors are remunerated by way of salary and other employee benefits. They may also be eligible for a discretionary bonus which is based on the achievement of predetermined business objectives such as contribution to profit, client service, risk management, and leadership/team contribution.

5. Disclosure of any relevant conflicts of interest

Subject to disclosures in any PDS or other transaction documents, we do not have any relationships or associations which might influence us in providing you with our services.

6. Dispute Resolution

SuperTrader is committed to providing a high standard of service to its clients. We will act quickly and as fairly as possible in all circumstances to resolve to any queries, complaints or concerns that you may have.

In the event you have a complaint, you should first contact us and speak to one of our employees and explain carefully the nature of your problem and tell us how you would like us to resolve the problem. If the complaint cannot be resolved after this, you should write to us either by facsimile, email or letter:

Complaints Officer
Super ForexFinancial Pty Ltd
Suite 2304, Level 23 100 Barangaroo Avenue,
Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia

Complaints should be directed to the Complaints Officer of SuperTraderwho will acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days, and seek to resolve your complaint within 7 days or such further time period that may reasonably be required given the nature of the complaint. If we do not resolve your complaint within 45 days, or if you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)(Tel: 1800 931 678; which is an approved external dispute resolution scheme of which SuperTrader is a member. (member number: 31408) You may also make a complaint to ASIC via the free call Infoline on 1300 300 630.

7. Risk warning

You should carefully consider whether trading in Margin FX and CFDs is appropriate in light of your personal financial needs, circumstance and objectives. Trading in OTC derivatives entails significant risk, as the products are highly leveraged and therefore gains and losses are magnified, and total losses can exceed your investment. You should only ever trade with ‘risk capital’(ie. money you can afford to lose). Please ensure you obtain independent professional advice, and carefully read the product issuer’s PDS to assess the risks and costs, before trading in these products.

8. Privacy

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to compliance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. Our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy Statement”) will explain how we collect personal information about you and how we maintain, use and disclose such information. Any information obtained will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy Statement. We take reasonable steps to ensure that any information sent has the same level of privacy protection as we provide here in Australia. SuperTraderwill not otherwise discloses your personal information without your consent, except as authorized or required by privacy laws. our Privacy Policy complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy principles under this Act.

Please contact us via email if you have any concerns.

|Super Forex Financial Pty Ltd | ABN: 42 125 839 572 | T: +61 2 8197 0065 | | A: Suite 2304, International Tower One 100 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia |


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SuperTrader Markets is not a product issuer of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives and as such, it will not transact with clients as principal. For OTC derivatives, it acts as an introducing broker referring potential clients to either CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (AFSL number 238054) or TradeMax Australia Pty Ltd (AFSL number 436416). Clients seeking to trade in OTC derivates will be transacting with either one of these two retail OTC issuers. Please note that any trading account created will be with these product issuers and not SuperTrader.